100% of your TAX DEDUCTIBLE Donation will help a person or family in need


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Bob’s Big Give was started over a decade ago for the purpose of helping our less fortunate neighbors. The key to the donating is that the funds go 100% directly to those in need. And I mean a 100%!

This has always been a grassroots effort. We have raised funds in a number of ways - selling Blount shirts, hats, etc…donated by Blount and also have a number of vendor partners that make donations.

Over the last 10 years I have asked my fellow workers, friends and relatives not to get me birthday or Christmas presents but rather to make a donation to the cause. The beauty of all of this fundraising is that I personally match the amount. I revel each year as the number grows and we get to help more and more of our neighbors.

Bob Sewall
Bob's Big Give

Tis the season of giving

Kick off this Christmas season and help make it one to remember by graciously giving a donation small or large. Every donation helps make a child’s Christmas dreams come true. All your donations are 100% matched by me.

Thank you!

Bob Sewall
Founder, Bob’s Big Give

Organizations we have helped

Pastor Jim Davis of Faith and Hope Baptist Church with 50 Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners and Christmas Ham Dinners

Newport School System with over 75 Turkeys donated for Thanksgiving

Fall River’s St. Vincent Home for Children with toys and other supplies. 

Underprivileged in Providence with funds to help with heating and electric for their homes in the winter.

We have also been able to help a number of our own fellow Blount employees in trying times.

People helping people

Robert Clement [The Allied Group]

Michael Young

Megan Sewall

Colin Kelley

Veronika Ban

Louis Daniels

Brett Gammon

Chris Chatterton [Bay Food Brokerage]

Elizabeth Pinkham

Scott Shoub [Scooter bay]

Catherine Knopf

Bill Nicholas [Affinity Sales]

Taylor Leonard

Cammie & Chris Chatterton [Bay Foods]

David Gallone [Legion 13 Advertising]

Joan Driggs [Progressive Grocer]

Glenn Moody [Glenn Moody Photography]

Jeff Friedman [Winsight Publishing]

Peter Romeo [Restaurant Business]

Warren Thayer [Frozen/Refrigerated Buyer]

Paul Chappa [Frozen/Refrigerated Buyer]

Larry Marchese [Legion 13 Advertising]

Scott Shoub [Scooter Bay]

Christine Grande

John LLoyd [Magnet, Inc]

Jim Larkin [Graphic Innovations]

Erica Sousa

Richard Halladay [Allied Print Group]

Glenn Moody Photography

Charles Dwyer

Marcia Pereira

Philip Kane [P & L Associates]

Mr & Mrs Daniel Abraham

Veronica King [Blount Fine Foods]

John Saidneway [Johnson O'Hare]

Incredible Foods [Boston, MA] 

Jerry Rymont (Informa]

Chris Darmody [Johnson O'Hare]

Kristin Woodward [Blount Fine Foods]

Gairad DeCastro

Michelle Heath

John Canale

David Ryan

Jeff Princevalle