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Bob’s Big Give & The NFL Players Association Support Toy Drive

BBG is having a Toy drive supported by the NFLPA. “ We are always looking to do more near the holiday’s to help kids. This year we are proud to have the NFLPA support the cause. We know these events make a difference and it is the true meaning of Christmas”, said BBG founder Bob Sewall. The event will be held at the Bounce Sporting Club December 20th at 9:00 PM.

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In the spirit of giving back, Bob’s Big Give and Sewall Financial Group joined together to sponsor a holiday toy drive. With support from the NFL Players Association, (past and current players) many individual donations along with a generous donations from a wide range of vendors, including Shari Levinson from Winsight Media. “This was a real commitment on everyone who donated. In the spirit of giving, kids can enjoy a wonderful holiday this year,” said Bob Sewall, founder of Bob’s Big Give.  “ Helping children is always satisfying, especially near Christmas. The NFLPA was especially instrumental in making this toy drive a complete success. With over $10,000 in toys to distribute, I would say we made a difference in this  Christmas ,”said Bobby Sewall, President of Sewall Financial Group in NYC . “What a great way to give back. As part of the BBG family, we work hard all year to help the less fortunate. This is especially satisfying,” said Myvette Sousa, BBG charity administrator.” The toys will be distributed to Boys Town in Portsmouth, RI and other local charities.


All donations are tax deductible.
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Kick off this Christmas season and help make it one to remember by graciously giving a donation small or large.

 Every donation helps make a child’s Christmas Dreams come true.

All your donations are 100% matched by me.

Thank you!

Bob Sewall

Founder, Bob’s Big Give

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The New Bedford’s Women’s Resource Center
Pastor Jim Davis of Faith and Hope Baptist Church with 50 Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners and Christmas Ham Dinners
Newport School System with over 75 Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners and Christmas Ham Dinners.
Fall River’s St. Vincent Home for Children withs toys and other supplies.
Underprivileged in Providence with funds to heap with heating and electric for their homes in the winter.
We have also been able to help a number of our own fellow Blount employees in trying times.|